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Posshe events aim to transform spaces into classy, glamourous and iconic experiences rooted in the expertise of aesthetics {specializing in bespoke luxurious event design}

Events & Decoration

Posshe event is a full-service event design and production company based in Winnipeg, MB. We deliver quality service and exceptional solutions to meet each client's expectations.

Balloon Styling

We decorate events or spaces using balloons and other elements to create a visually appealing atmosphere. This can include creating balloon arches, centrepieces, photo backdrops, and more.

Hampers & Surprises

We provide surprises to family, friends and couples with unexpected treats and gestures. Our surprises come both small and large depending on the scope of engagement and the client's budget.

Rent With US

Our Event rental services aim to make it easier for event planners to get the supplies they need for their events without purchasing them outright—items such as tables, chairs & props

Meet Hannah, Your Trusted Manitoba Event Designer

Hannah owns the event planning and styling design company in Winnipeg, Manitoba, called Posshe Events, which specializes in creating custom, opulent destination wedding designs, engagement parties, and other noteworthy events.
We are strictly in service to the client who wants refinement and perfection. We produce flawlessly planned weddings and events throughout Winnipeg and its environs with an excellent eye for detail and a passion for beautiful and sophisticated aesthetics.
We are a leading designer in high-end, timeless, effortlessly elegant and sophisticated destination weddings and events.
We pride ourselves as event designers since we only create and arrange special moments and experiences for you.
Our proven success is based on our ability to partner with key suppliers on large projects. Bring together the most talented people to create an
unforgettable experience.

Booking a consultation with us is fast and easy.
Our consultation can be by call/text/email to make an appointment, be sure we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The payout increases in direct proportion to the difficulty

Everything motivates us to create, whether the setting is a marquee that can be painted any colour or a famous Palace that is rich in history. We promise to transform character-rich venues so that your event is exceptional, plentiful, and elevated.
We are a leading innovator in high-end ageless, effortlessly elegant, sensory, and sophisticated destination weddings with a team of experienced event planners and designers.

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Posshe Event With Flawless Execution

If you are preparing for an event, please tell us more about your ideas, and we will contribute to making it happen.

Our luxury destination event is a high-end event at an exclusive and upscale location. We often use scenic or remote areas. The goal of a luxury destination event is to provide a unique and memorable experience for guests, combining luxurious accommodations, fine dining, and top-notch entertainment. Our luxury destination event is not limited to destination weddings, corporate retreats, or private celebrations. Planning a luxury destination event involves a significant amount of coordination and attention to detail, as well as an understanding of the needs and expectations of the guests.

We combine several assortments of decorative elements that enhance the look and feel of a special occasion or gathering, such as a wedding, party, or corporate event. Our event decorations can include various items such as balloons, flowers, lighting, table settings, props, and more.
The purpose is to create a visually appealing atmosphere that sets the event’s tone and mood and makes the event more memorable for guests. We customize to suit the theme, colour scheme, and overall style of the event and can be used to highlight specific areas, such as the entrance, stage, or dance floor.

At posshe event, we are involved in the Staging process for the setting up of all required elements required for the event, such as equipment, decorations, lighting, and props, where they are arranged in the event space.
We also Pulled down by dismantling all that was used, packing all equipment, removing decorations and props, and cleaning the event space. The goal of pulling down is to restore the event space to its original state so it is ready for the next event.

Event Risk Management

We identify, assess, and prioritize potential event risks and implement measures to mitigate or prevent those risks. We consider health and safety, security, financial, operational, and reputational risks and develop contingency plans to respond to incidents or emergencies.

Wedding Social

We have a timeless concept for our wedding social. We create moments and opportunities for couples and their families to come together and socialize in a relaxed and informal setting. Our Wedding socials take many forms, from a simple cocktail hour to a full-fledged celebration

Event Itinerary Creation

We create plans and organize the schedule and activities for an event. We determine the event's purpose and objectives with a well-defined target audience, select the venue and vendors, and create a timeline for each event component. The itinerary should consider the flow of the event.

Product Launch

We design events to introduce a new product or service. We aim to generate excitement, create awareness, and drive demand for the product. A successful product launch requires careful planning, attention to detail, and effective execution to ensure that the product is positioned.

Vendor Management

We also help to minimize vendor relationships' risks, such as contract disputes, intellectual property infringement, and service disruptions. Our organization can help organizations to improve operational efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and maximize the value of vendors.

Venue Sourcing

We help identify, evaluate, and select an event venue. We deploy our professionalism into researching and comparing potential venues, negotiating contracts and terms, and determining the suitability of the venue for the specific event, with a thorough understanding of our audience.

If you are preparing for an event, please tell us more about your ideas
With imaginative thinking, we are transforming spaces for flawless execution. We are thoughtful simply because we care.

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We ultimately want to create beautiful events and moments with a deep sense of joy, wonder and delight for our audience.